Behavioral Support Services

Lifestyle Support Services works one on one with individuals to teach them skills in becoming more successful in their daily lives. 


Lifestyle Support Services has Master level clinicians and Behavior Specialists that work one on one with the individuals to teach them skills in becoming more successful in their daily lives. The services that are provided are the following:

  • A Functional Behavior Assessment of presenting issues
  • Provisional training to individuals, staff, relatives and/or caregivers.
  • Observations and collaboration with the individual, their family, and treatment team for the purpose of developing a Behavioral Support Plan that includes positive practices.
  • Completion of required paperwork related to data collection, progress reporting, and development of annual planning material.

Educational Culinary Training 2016-2017

Lifestyle Support Services, Inc. has partnered with Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center to improve the level of basic culinary skills for our adults who resided in our residential program. Our first culinary program started September 2016 with 10 of our adults for a six week program. The GACTC staff taught our adults basic kitchen safety skills, proper hygiene skills, and trained them on how to cook meals with 2 – 5 step instructions. Along with becoming more independent our individuals truly enjoyed this experience. LSS will continue to partner with GACTC to provide more opportunities for our individuals to learn new skills to improve their quality of life on their journey to becoming more independent.

Women’s Group

“We Put People First”, is what Lifestyle Support Services strives for as an organization. The focus of the group is to increase positive ways individuals express their feelings and improve self-esteem with the assistance of other females. The women who reside at Lifestyle Support Services can choose to participate in a weekly 1 hour group. The group is designed to assist the women in expressing themselves in a safe environment with issues, concerns, and positives about their daily life experiences. Topics that are covered within the group are the following, but not limited to: self-esteem; positive self-image; health and fitness; developing romantic relationships; attitude; stress triggers, “who am I”, building friendships; life skills; empowerment; and coping skills. Discussions with the women will assist in developing positive attitudes toward themselves as well as assist them in recognizing, accepting, respecting, and appreciating individual differences.

Behavior Specialist

Lifestyle Support Services has an in-house Master’s level Behavior Specialist that collects and analyzes behavioral data and based on the data develops, implements, and trains staff on strategies to best address the behavioral needs by ongoing evaluations. The Behavior Specialist that works with the residential service workers in educating them about the individual who they work to support, and teaching de-escalation techniques that are the most effective for the individual. The Behavior Specialist also completes training with the residential service workers on the individual Safety/Behavior Support Plans and on strategies to best address and meet the behavioral needs by ongoing evaluation of the individuals that are served agency-wide. The Behavior Specialist collects and analyzes data, completes quarterly reports, develops fade plans that support optimal functioning, and creates treatment plans to support the individuals in developing coping skills to assist them at being more successful. The Master’s level Behavior Specialist is certified in completing Functional Behavior Assessments and is a trainer in the use of Intensive Systems Therapy. The Behavior Specialist and members of the treatment team also meet weekly to debrief restraints to analyze the situation and determine if additional replacement strategies or trainings are necessary for the individual or team.