Residential Services

Lifestyle Support Services offers home-based services to support individuals, while allow them to develop and maintain their independence.


Home-based services are those services offered to an individual residing at home or in an alternative setting. The purpose of home-based services is to offer supports to an individual and, in many instances, to his or her family. These supports enable and empower the individual to develop or maintain skills necessary in everyday living.

The individual and his or her support team, including the support coordinator, home-based coordinator, and family or provider, determine specific services to be provided. Outcomes or goals are person-centered, meaning plans are developed based on the needs of each individual. Some outcomes, for example, may focus on increasing participation in community events or to develop social skills. Some outcomes are community based while others are specific to in-home needs.

Lifestyle Support Services, Inc. provides flexible home-based services seven days a week and delivers these services with care, compassion and respect. The objectives of the home-based program are to:

  • Assist each person in establishing a safe, healthy and comfortable lifestyle suitable to his/her needs
  • Encourage each person to be a participating and contributing member of the community
  • Assist the individual in building relationships with family, friends and others
  • Provide opportunities for greater independence and the skills that will enable each person to self-advocate
  • Strive for the personal empowerment of every individual
  • Commit to upholding and protecting the human and legal rights of each individual
  • To provide quality services meeting and exceeding recognized and respected standards for service provision
  • Strive to be a partner of the community-wide service delivery system