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About Us:

With our professionally-trained staff, Lifestyle Support Services improves the lives of communities, families, & individuals.

Lifestyle Support Services, Inc. is a human service organization whose goal is to provide quality & comprehensive services to persons with intellectual disabilities in a variety of settings. In partnership with numerous counties throughout the state of PA, Lifestyle Support Services offers many diverse consumer-driven programs developed specifically to meet the needs of each individual & assist them in living their desired lifestyle.

We are a proud member of RCPA because we are dedicated to effective, efficient & high-quality care!

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Our Vision

 To become the provider & employer of choice with unique teams that continue to develop & expand creative, supportive, & non-traditional services so that no one is left behind 

Our Mission

 Lifestyle Support Services, Inc. is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to achieve their desired dreams. Quality services are delivered by compassionate, well-trained employees in a consistent, cost-effective manner. 

Our Values

 ➔ Integrity
➔ Respect

➔ Ethical Practices

➔ Commitment to Mission

➔ Balanced Effectiveness & Efficiency



Incorporated in 1998, Lifestyle Support Services began serving persons with special needs in both residential & home-based settings. Lifestyle Support Services’ willingness to provide flexible, person-centered programs led to rapid growth over a short period. As the need to serve people with greater challenges grew, Lifestyle Support Services expanded the boundaries of its programs to meet the needs of the community.

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